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6 Fun Exercises You Can Do as a Couple: A Complete Guide

Two women giving each other a high five laughing

If you’re all out of date ideas, why not try to workout together as a couple? Working out has been proven to not only boost your hormones but also boost your relationship.

Couples that workout together are happier, more attracted to each other and have a stronger emotional connection. On a personal level, you’ll also be more efficient at your workouts and better able to reach your fitness goals when you have your partner’s support.

We’ve asked Katie and Brooke, from the #Dating team, to show you a few quick and easy exercises that are great for couples of all fitness levels. You can do each of these any time of the day, whether you’ve just rolled out of bed or are looking for a little midday sweat. Better yet, do them all together for a full-body workout!

1. Couple core crusher

Two women performing the Couple Core Crusher exercise

Start in a high plank position facing each other. Lift one hand off to shake or high five your partner’s hand, then switch hands. Engage your core to keep it stable and try to rotate your body as little as possible. Do this for 1 minute, rest for 30-60 seconds and then jump right back in. Complete 3 sets.

2. Partner passes

Two women performing the Partner Passes exercise

Begin in a sit-up position, with your feet positioned next to each other. Partner A holds a weight and performs a sit-up. At the end of the sit-up, pass the weight to Partner B for them to do their sit-up while you do a Russian Twist. Make sure you rotate your torso, not just your arms, to properly engage your obliques. Complete 3 sets of 10 sit-ups each.

3. Partner plank burpees

Two women performing the Partner Plank Burpees exercise

Partner A holds a forearm plank while Partner B hops over them once and then hops back to make 1 rep. Then Partner B goes into a forearm plank and Partner A gets up and hops over Partner B. You can add a push-up after each hop if you want more of a challenge. Complete 10 reps each.

4. Wheelbarrow plank push-up and squats

Two women performing the Wheelbarrow Plank Push-Up and Squats exercise

Partner A starts in a high plank and Partner B grabs their legs off the mat, holding them on their sides, like a wheelbarrow. Partner A does a push-up and comes back up to a high plank, then Partner B does a squat. Repeat this until Partner A can’t do another push-up, then switch positions without resting. Complete 3 sets.

5. Couple cycles

Two women performing the Couple Cycles exercise

Lay with both your backs on the mat, knees at 90 degrees, feet facing each other. Place your hands behind your ears and lift your shoulders off the mat. Both partners rotate left with their torso, bringing elbow and knee together, then repeat on the right. Hint: Push with your legs, rather than pulling, to make sure your core does the work and not your hips. Keep this up for 1 minute, then rest for 30-60 seconds. Complete 3 sets.

6. Hand-held squats

Two women performing the Hand-Held Squats exercise

Stand in front of your partner and grab one or both of your partner’s hands. Dive into a squat as you hold onto each other. Lean back as you squat to make the exercise more stable and allow you both to squat lower. Do as many reps as you can, then rest for 1 minute and repeat.

If both you and your partner have busy schedules, working out together is a great way to spend time together while getting your sweat on. Not only will you get physically fitter as a couple, you’ll also build a healthier relationship. It’s a win-win!

And don’t forget to celebrate together after all your hard work!

Couple celebrating they finished a workout with a high five


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