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6 Fantastically Fun Date Ideas for Fall

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Did you know that there are tons of romantic things to do in autumn? Regardless of whether you’re single and ready to mingle or you’re in a long-term relationship, there are some great fall date ideas. Think of fall as the season of fall-ing in love (see what we did there?!). While the weather may be cooling down, it’s the perfect time for your romantic life to be warming up.

6 fun fall date ideas you should try:

1. Plan a camping trip

Going camping together is a great way to bond! And in autumn it‘s definitely cold enough to snuggle up to each other at night. Whilst you’re at it, try some stargazing to make it a date neither of you will forget any time soon!

2. Have a cozy film night

Nothing is more romantic than snuggling up by the fire together! Get the blankets out, make hot chocolates with marshmallows and enjoy some quality time together watching your favorite movies.

3. Go horseback riding

Experience the smells and sights of the season together on horseback! You don’t need horse riding experience: you can book lessons or a day trek with a stable. Then you can learn together, encourage each other, and experience something new and fun.

4. Volunteer together for a good cause

Find a cause that’s important to both of you and then plan a volunteer day together! You won’t just be supporting the community, but you’ll also connect with your date on a deeper level as you do something for the greater good.

5. Enjoy an exciting day trip

A day trip is one of the best seasonal activities for couples and singles to get to know each other. Take in the beautiful autumn scenery whilst you travel to your destination. Discover a new city together and remember to take tons of selfies!

6. Go for a romantic picnic

Prepare a picnic basket, take some blankets and have a fun day out in nature! Pick a spot that really encompasses the beauty of the fall. Walk through crunchy leaves, eat, laugh, and make some unforgettable memories together.


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