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6 Best Dating Ideas for the Easter Holiday

Happy couple smiling at a coloured easter egg

There’s not much better than a long weekend! If you want to make the most of this long Easter weekend with your special someone but aren’t sure what to do, look no further! Here are 6 fun couple date ideas for the Easter break!

1. Have fun with Easter eggs

Couple painting eggs for Easter decoration

Let’s start with the symbol of this holiday – colorful eggs that you get to hide! Choose a classic kit and simply dye eggs in different colors. This will take some patience, but if you have plenty of it, get creative and attempt some Easter egg art! You can create whichever kind of design you like, and you’ll find plenty of ideas on Pinterest, so create something different this Easter! Afterward, you can hide the eggs for each other to find, along with small gifts such as sweet love notes and favorite candies. Watching your date try to find the secret location that you choose for your eggs can be very amusing! If you’re in the mood for the hunt, visit your local spring fair for the Easter egg hunt too! You can volunteer or join the kids searching for hidden Easter eggs.

2. Say hello to the Easter bunny

Couple sitting on the bed and playing with little bunnies

Easter couple ideas for a great time can’t go without another symbol of this holiday – a bunny. Visit a local farm, a petting zoo, or a pet shop to pet a bunny and take a picture with it! Who knows, you might even go home with a new pet! This is not the only bunny you can take a picture with though. Visit the mall to take a picture with the Easter bunny! While you’re there, you could buy each other fluffy bunny toys. Bunnies, bunnies everywhere! They are a great theme for this holiday, so why not even dress up in a bunny costume and take a picture holding a basket with the colorful eggs that you’ve made earlier?

3. Prepare an Easter feast

Couple preparing an Easter feast

A candlelit dinner sounds about right for any day, so why not use it as one of the Easter ideas for couples? There’s a catch though, and it’s that you’ll need to prepare the feast by yourselves! This can be especially fun if you’re not that great at cooking, so try it even if you’re not much of a chef. Look up recipes, go shopping for ingredients together and create a meal that you’ll enjoy. Don’t forget that you can also make delicious Easter-themed sugar cookies that will serve great as a dessert!

4. Do something good for the community

Couple volunteer in an animal shelter

Easter break activities should be about giving something back too, so why not volunteer at the local soup kitchen? Help those in need together as a couple or donate things that you don’t need anymore. Most homeless shelters need extra volunteers during the holidays, so ask around in your area! You can also volunteer at the spring fair so use this free time to give back and do something nice for others as a couple.

5. Look for Easter-themed events near you

Couple dancing and holding a chocolate Easter egg

All around the world people celebrate Easter, so look for Easter-themed events near you. Maybe there’s an Easter Pageant, Easter egg hunt, or you could even attend Easter Mass if you’re religious. Maybe you could shop for Easter baskets or already colored eggs. Take a moment to enjoy Easter decorations and truly experience this holiday. You could have an Easter brunch, head to the local museum, see an art show or watch a play! Just find something Easter-themed, and you’ll have plenty of Easter break ideas.

6. Go on a long weekend adventure

Couple walking through a forest camping

In the end, why not use these extra days to travel somewhere together and just enjoy each other’s company? If you’re at that stage in a relationship where it would make sense for you to go on a romantic getaway trip, why not do so now? Pack your bags and visit a place that you’ve never visited together before. You’ll have enough time to relax without worrying about work and other responsibilities that wait for you after the holiday. Bring wine and candles and create a romantic atmosphere wherever you choose to go!

If you are not in relationship yet this Easter, we got you also covered!  Don’t forget to check out our guide 4 Fun Easter Weekend Ideas for Singles to find interesting and funny ways to spend the long weekend.


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