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4 Fun Easter Weekend Ideas for Singles

Woman laughing while holding a basket of easter eggs

Easter is a time for celebrating new life, the springtime, and our loved ones. However, like literally every other holiday, Easter can sometimes be difficult for those of us that are single. Of course, it isn’t as bad as Valentine’s Day, but there sure is some romance in the air during the Easter weekend.

Perhaps you are getting a bit bored of your coworkers telling you what their partners have planned for them over the extra-long weekend. Or maybe you are getting a bit sick of your social media feed being full of cute couples posing with cute baby animals and flowers. Ew…

Okay, but Easter isn’t actually that bad for singles! Here are some of our Easter weekend ideas to really make use of that long weekend.

4 Fun Easter Weekend Ideas for Singles

1. Potluck meals with friends

Food is an integral part of Easter, so a great way of spending Easter Sunday is to invite friends over for a potluck dinner. Everyone brings something small to share and enjoy!

2. Go walking

Easter is the festival that celebrates life and nature. Take a walk in the countryside and explore the natural world!

3. Visit a farm

Springtime means that farms and petting zoos are full of baby animals to meet and get to know. Visit one nearby and learn about the animals.

4. Bake

Put on the tunes and get baking! This relaxing way to spend the Easter Sunday afternoon means that you do something creative, plus get some tasty snacks out of it!


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