35 Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Go Way Beyond Dinner and a Movie

35 Unique Valentine's Day Date Ideas That Go Way Beyond Dinner and a Movie

We at #Dating love Valentine’s Day. It is the best day of the year to celebrate love and feel thankful for that special someone! However, we know the classic dinner date can get a bit boring. So, what are some date ideas for Valentine’s Day that will make the day extra special?

It’s the perfect time to explore the wonders of nature, even when the temperatures drop. Spending quality time together does not have to cost a fortune. These winter date ideas won’t break the bank, so you and your partner can find fun, budget-friendly ways to enjoy this chilly season.

Date Ideas For The Adventurous

Man and woman are rock climbing indoors

For those who enjoy pushing your limits and discovering new things about yourself, here are some fabulous date ideas for you. These are especially great if you are feeling extra adventurous this Valentine’s Day!

  1. Go to a theme park and ride on the biggest rollercoaster.
    Learn something new. Go to a class together that gets you out of your comfort zone! Ever tried pottery? Now is the time!
  2. Go rock climbing. Both indoor and outdoor rock climbing courses are super fun, and you will feel pretty accomplished afterward!
  3. Go wild swimming. Make sure you stay safe and research places near you where you can swim. The sea, rivers, and lakes are the natural swimming pools around us. Oh, and they are free.
  4. Visit a place neither of you have ever been. Is there a castle near you that you have always wanted to visit? How about a small country village that never gets tourists?
  5. Stay the night in a haunted house. There are so many haunted hotels and houses that you can go and stay in for a night. Are you daring enough?
  6. Go stargazing. This might mean driving to a secluded spot in nature, but it definitely will be worth it! Remember to take blankets and hot drinks to stay warm.
  7. Go snorkeling or scuba diving.
  8. Take a trip to an indoor skydiving spot. Super fun, and you will get some hilarious snaps of you and your partner midair.

Date Ideas For The Creatives

Young couple painting together on a canvas

Doing something creative together is a wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day. These date ideas for Valentine’s Day might seem to be only for creative minds. But we think they would be equally fun if neither of you are creative in the slightest!

  1. Tie-dye clothes together. This is a super cute date idea, and you get a fresh outfit out of it!
  2. Go to an open mic night. Extra points if you perform.
  3. Go to a dance class.Dancing is one of the most enjoyable ways of expressing our creativity, so grab your partner and go to your local salsa class.
  4. Visit your local art gallery. Pick a favorite piece and recreate it when you get home. Use paints, pens, glitter, and don’t forget to get messy!
  5. Make friendship bracelets together. All you need is some embroidery thread, and maybe some beads. Find some instructions online and follow the patterns. Don’t worry if they don’t look anything like the pictures (we assure you they probably won’t!).
  6. Get into fancy clothes and have a photoshoot.
  7. Get a huge canvas from an art store and work on painting it together.
  8. Go to a ceramic painting café and color in some mugs, jugs, and plates that you can treasure forever!
  9. Play improv games together.

Date Ideas For The Nature Lovers

Man and woman ride horses in a beautiful forest

If you both love nature, there are quite a few date ideas for Valentine’s Day that allow you to enjoy your passion together!

  1. Go kayaking or canoeing.
  2. Plan a picnic together to enjoy in your favorite outdoor spot.
  3. Go camping for the night! If you can’t get to the true outdoors, your backyard is fine! Light a fire and stay up telling stories together. Oh, and make sure you have a pack of marshmallows with you.
  4. Go to your nearest beach, watch the waves and walk along the sand.
  5. Visit your nearest stables and go horseback riding together.
  6. Take a day trip to your countryside together.
  7. Visit your nearby animal park or petting farm. Nothing is more romantic than seeing those cute little lambs curled up in the hay!
  8. Do a bit of gardening! Spring is the best time for planting seeds, so get your hands dirty this Valentine’s Day.
  9. Volunteer together at an animal shelter or farm to give back to nature.

Date Ideas For The Sporty Types

Man and woman are aiming together with a bow in an archery club

If you and your partner like to exercise, why not incorporate this into your Valentine’s Day date? There are so many fun and active things you can do together!

  1. Go bike riding together around your city. Rent a tandem bike for maximum cuteness.
  2. Play badminton or tennis together. This is a great idea for double dates too!
  3. Go to the trampoline park. If you haven’t trampolined since you were a kid, you will be totally surprised at how fun it is!
  4. Play mini-golf together.
  5. Find an archery club and embrace your inner Robin Hood.
  6. Go roller skating together. Super retro, and super cute! Finish the date off with a milkshake (you have earned it).
  7. Go to a pool or snooker hall together. Try not to get too competitive, though!
  8. Complete a high ropes course. Pretty scary, but definitely worth it.

Celebrate Romance With These Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to get out in the world and do things that you enjoy.

Whether you and your partner are planning a night in a haunted house or a game of pool, these 35 unique Valentine’s Day date ideas will mean that this year will be something to remember!


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