3 Ways to Check Your Compatibility on #Dating

#Dating compatibility

We know, finding the right person is not easy! That’s why on #Dating there are several features to help you find the person who might still drive you crazy from time to time (we aren’t magicians!) but who will also complete you ♥️.

This or That game

Check out our This or That game where you can answer a set of interesting questions, invite someone you’ve matched with to play the same game and then see their answers! You both prefer dogs over cats? Good first sign, right?

This or That game #Dating
Play Video about This or That game #Dating
#Dating hashtags

Add hashtags to your profile

Also, explore the many hashtags that reveal similar interests (or no-gos!). Add hashtags to your profile to make sure the right people find you and use them as filters on your Swipe page to find someone who also loves #pizza as much as you!

Complete the "My Info" section

Last but not least, you should add some more useful info to your profile in your My info section. That way you can learn more about other people and also become more interesting for potential matches. Check if your potential match also speaks Spanish or fits your zodiac sign!

My info screen on #Dating where users input details about themselves

So go ahead and try out these three features designed to make your dating experience better, easier and more fun!

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