Dating Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive With These 16 Cheap Date Ideas

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We all know that date ideas can be expensive, but there are many dating options even when you’re on a tight budget. When you fall in love, you’ll have a great time whatever it is that you’re doing, but you can run out of ideas at some point. If you’ve already binge-watched a new TV show and gone swimming, what more can you do? Well, why don’t you try some of the cheap dating ideas from this list? Here they are:

1. Sing karaoke

Break the ice by singing to your favorite tunes from the top of your lungs. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at singing or not. In fact, it doesn’t even matter whether you’re just dating or are already in a relationship. Singing karaoke is never a bad idea, so fall in love while singing a romantic duet in front of a live audience.

2. Shop at a garage sale

Make sure to bring a few bucks and visit the garage sales in your neighborhood. You can even turn it into a game by betting who will find the most treasures for the same small budget. For $10 each, you could come home with something you never knew you needed until you saw it. The best part is that it will always remind you of this day.

3. Watch the sunrise or the sunset

One of the most romantic date ideas is to simply watch the sunrise or the sunset. Stay up late and drive into the sunset holding hands or get up early in the morning and find a place with a good view to catch the sunrise.

4. Buy crazy outfits in a second-hand shop

You can find great clothes in second-hand shops, but that’s not the point. The point is to dig up something weird and crazy that you can buy for a small price. You’ll need to wear it in public afterward, and you’ll laugh your heads off. This is a great way to turn something simple into a happy memory.

5. Win the lottery

You’re probably not going to win the lottery, but you never know, and no one’s stopping you from trying. You surely aren’t going to win if you don’t play, so buy a lottery ticket. This is one of the cheap dating options that will turn into a night of fun. Watch the lottery and enjoy the experience of being close to becoming rich. Don’t forget to discuss what you’re going to do with all that money!

6. Stargaze

Whether you’re in a relationship or yet to fall in love with each other, some dating ideas require only a blanket. Put it somewhere where you can clearly see the night sky and watch the stars. It can even be in your own backyard. If you want, you can bring wine or anything else that would make this experience even more romantic.

7. Sit on a bench and watch people

Here’s a crazy idea, why don’t you just sit on a bench and watch the people passing by? You can talk about them and assume who they are, where they are going and what their lives are like. It’s one of the creative dating options that doesn’t require you to spend any money, and it’s still a lot of fun.

8. Find an amazing view

Don’t underestimate the power of a spectacular view. Find a place from where you can clearly see the city lights, like the roof of a building or a hill, and have a picnic there. Make sure to take pictures and remember that you can always return to recreate this date.

9. Play tennis

Try to find a local public tennis court or ping pong table, or even just a park. All you’ll need to buy are rackets and a ball, but maybe you can even borrow them. If you can, though, it’s better to buy them because then you’ll be able to turn this date idea into a new hobby that you can continue to practice together!

10. Taste-test foods and drinks

Putting a blindfold on your eyes sounds like an odd choice for a date, but it’s not if you use it to taste-test foods and drinks. In fact, it is the second most fun that you can have while blindfolded so enjoy your date with all your senses.

11. Volunteer at the animal shelter

Who doesn’t like animals? Maybe you’re not at that stage in the relationship where you’re ready to adopt a pet, but you can fall in love with one even so! Show your sweet side to your date and volunteer at the animal shelter. You can come up with more dating ideas that involve giving back to the community and helping others.

12. Ride a train

Take a train to anywhere and simply enjoy the ride. There are plenty of dating options when you take a train, whether it’s to end up in a new place or just snuggle and watch the world out the window. It’s certainly an original idea that your date won’t ever forget.

13. Test drive a car

Would you like to take your date for a ride in your new expensive car? Well, you can make that happen. Maybe you can’t actually buy the car, but you can take it for a test drive and return it intact.

14. Find a good spot

Find your favorite spot – a place where you go to simply feel happy. If you like camping you might want to find a good spot in nature. If you like grabbing coffee together try a new café that you can call your own.

15. Just get dessert

The reason you’re looking for cheap dating ideas might be that you think that date ideas must involve a fancy dinner or any dinner. They don’t. You can simply get a dessert, and even eating ice cream in the park can get you to fall in love with each other and end up in a relationship.

16. Do science experiments

There are a lot of fun science experiments on YouTube, so why don’t you try some of them? Even if everything goes terribly wrong, you’ll still have a blast and something to laugh about for years to come.
So there you have it: 16 easy and cheap date ideas! What idea are you going to try out first? Whichever you pick, we wish you good luck and a whole lot of fun on your date!
Ana Vakos

Ana Vakos

Ana Vakos has been a writer from a very young age and she now specializes in dating and relationship topics. Writing brings her great joy, especially if it can help someone find new love or improve an existing relationship.


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