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10 Ways to Go From Friends to Dating

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Are you debating making the move from friends to dating?  The question “Can men and women be friends?” has taken center stage in many friend circles. Ask around and you’ll realize that opinions are fiercely divided on this question.

We believe that, regardless of whether the answer is yes or no, if you feel something for someone, you should take a shot at it. Respectfully and tactfully.

Going from friends to lovers is a high-risk move that can turn into a high-reward one, if feelings are mutual. After all, isn’t it great to be dating your best friend?

If you’re not sure if they’ll reciprocate but are willing to make the first move, here’s some advice on how to go from friends to dating. And if you need more inspiration, don’t forget to check also our list with the ultimate tips for dating your friend.

10 ways to go from friends to dating:

1. Text and talk to them more

Be at the forefront of their mind, but be mindful not to overwhelm them. Increase the frequency slowly but surely.

2. Be their confidante

Build on the emotional connection and get to know them a little deeper — their dreams, values and future plans.

3. Switch things up

Insert some playful banter and flirt a little more to build up the attraction. Do things differently to be seen differently.

4. Show your value as a romantic partner

To be taken seriously as a partner, show them your qualities that might be otherwise not obvious as friends.

5. Ask them out. Alone.

Ask them out on a date, with no mutual friends, and allow the romance to happen.

6. Develop a mutual hobby or interest

If going on a date seems awkward at first, start with suggesting a mutual hobby to give you time alone with each other.

7. Ask a hypothetical question

It never hurts to be playful and ask if they’ve ever thought about you two as a couple. Check how they’re feeling without being too direct

8. Be honest and tell them

Sometimes, honesty is the best policy. Tell them how you feel directly, and discuss how you want to move from there.

9. Take it slow

It might be tempting to speed things up given your shared history. Take your time like you would with a new partner, and get to know and date them slowly.

10. Keep calm and carry on

Sometimes the answer is no. And that’s fine. Keep calm and take the time you need to manage your feelings before you decide if you’d like to stay friends.


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