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10 Signs They’re Not Looking For Something Serious

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Are you sure that you are looking for something something serious? It’s been a few weeks, a couple of late-night conversations, pages of texts and some good dates. Just when you think things might finally be looking up for you in the dating scene, and you’re ready to take the next step towards a long-term relationship, you get this nagging feeling that they don’t seem to be on the same page as you. 

Sometimes, they’re a little more direct about it and they tell you that this is just a fling from the get-go. Which is great, so if you’re looking for something serious, you say thank you, next. 

But sometimes things aren’t that straightforward. If you haven’t had that conversation with them yet, and are dying to know without confronting them too soon, here are ten signs that they’re not looking for something serious

1. They only want to see you or call you at night.

They avoid making plans with you in the day as they prefer keeping your hooking up on the down-low.


2. They don’t go out of their way for you.

You always travel to them and they hardly ever offer to come to you, because it’s more convenient for them.


3. They flake on you often.

You are not a priority and they will rearrange plans with you the moment something or someone better comes up.


4. They don’t open up to you.

They keep things vague and conversations are mostly superficial as they are not interested in an emotional connection with you.


5. They avoid making future plans with you.

Your dates are usually spontaneous or last-minute and they avoid planning anything too far ahead.


6. They ghost and then reappear (a lot).

They pull a disappearing act when something else interests them, and come back when they have a physical need.


7. They don’t tell you where they live or work.

They avoid giving you personal details because they don’t see you as a part of their life outside the relationship.


8. They keep you off their social media.

They avoid giving you access to the personal aspects of their lives, or their friends and family.


9. They hardly initiate dates and activities.

Dates are usually at home, and they hardly suggest anything interesting or want to spend quality time with you.

10. They’re still seeing other people.

You notice that their dating profile is still up, and they are tight-lipped about upcoming plans.
Sound familiar? They might not be looking for something serious!


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